Budrian Mythology
A compilation of beliefs and legends of the different cultures that inhabit Budria.
Rokaraloma Anamaka
Ryan Z. Dawson
Buddy Wagner

Creation according to the Sons of Abolo
Da, whose name means infinity, built the first two planes: Yfenda (named for the eternal flame that burns in the center and creates the energy for all life) and Janga (a place of nearly infinite vastness). He then created four children: No, Abolo, Kai and O, and to them bestowed the vast gamut of Janga's reaches so that they might build a paradise for themselves. They lived in bliss for several years, and each built themselves a large tower to gaze upon the beautiful landscape that their father had created, but eventually they became jaded and their greed and selfishness outgrew even Janga's bounds. They resolved that even infinity was not enough and pleaded with their father to build a separate world for each of them. Da, bewildered by his children's insolence, opened his mouth for the first time and a thousand terrors were unleashed upon them; tainted spirits of hate and resentment devoured their once-divine bodies and left only twisted disfigurements in their place. The four Defilers of Janga, now branded with their father's detestation sought revenge on Da. Together they ambushed his divine throne and after 7 days of war Da finally surrendered. He offered only this warning:
"Your hate shades your eyes to the light. I am Da, the infinite... the creator... the destroyer... and I will remain, long after you have perished. Strike me down and your souls will suffer for your disgrace."
Blinded by rage, the 4 brothers threw their father into the fires of Yfenda and from the ashes of Da's corpse rose three figures. The first, a tall slender man made of wood, was Budalo, wielder of the forces of nature. The second, Dana Lo, whose two heads - Adan and Dameno - brought life and death. The final form, Ko, was faceless but in each of his four arms was a blade made of light. Ko, being the final law of balance, decreed that one should die for one and forced the first blade into No's heart. Turning to the remaining children, Ko offered a choice...
"Challenge the blades of light, or dwell eternally in the kingdom of fire."
The Defilers of Janga, having seen the power of the shards of Da's body, chose banishment over destruction and were forced to stay in Yfenda for eternity. Budalo took the body of No and created a third plane and named it Budria after himself. Adan, the life bearing head of Dana Lo gave life to this new world and created the first races of Budria. Abolo, the oldest of the Defilers found a large stone and began to scratch a record of the events of his banishment so his progeny could read of his father's abhorrent disdain for his own sons and how they were cast into the inferno. Abolo forged 39 children from the fires of Yfenda and wished that he could give his children the same home that Da had given him. Saddened by his new home he secluded himself from his brothers and built the great civilization of Yanalo. Abolo carved into his giant stone every event of his people. He observed the separation of his 39 children that eventually formed 39 individual tribes. He recorded the many wars he had with his brothers and their children. He witnessed the migration of his children to Budria and their struggles there. He was then murdered by his brothers after all of his children had fled from Yfenda. After Abolo expired, each of the tribes' leaders kept their own account of their exploits and returned to the great stone to pay homage once a year for a thousand years. The tribes that resided on Budria soon lost touch with their homeland and some tribes even stopped scribing their journeys. The tribes that now reside on Budria are the lost Sons of Abolo. Many do not know of their own heritage, and most care less about where they came from than the throat they cut to get where they are. Some of the elders speak of a savior that will unite the tribes and bring peace to the soul of Abolo, but few will listen and even fewer act on such a fantasy in Budria.
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