Latest Updates
  • v3.1.0
    • (3.1.1)Made several modifications to the X-Prompt and the database to provide more dynamics to page creation and loading.
    • (3.1.2)Modified the news page to allow expanding and contracting of news posts. Older posts are automatically collapsed when the page loads.
    • (3.1.2)Added blog fuctionality to the news section that allows for more blogs to be created on the fly.
    • (3.1.2)Added version link in the left column.
    • (3.1.3)Added concept art section
    • (3.1.3)Added Regions of Budria Section and posted a brief history of Solaria.
    • (3.1.4)Added support for persistent user sessions.
  • v3.0.0 08-23-07
    • Completly recoded from v2
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