Regions of Budria
Here you can find information on all of the regions of Budria, with a breakdown of each region's history, economics and culture as well as a description of how the area exists in the current timeline.
Regions: Solira


Alleged to be the primeval roots from which all other life began, Ada (as it was known), was once a bounteous and plentiful forest with rich plains scattered throughout; in short: a fountain of life and growth. The tribal people who lived there believed that Budalo himself forged Ada to be his own personal asylum to distance himself from the burdens of divinity. Though the land was lush and the resources plentiful, the tribes of Ada were in a state of constant fear as the dense forests were home to all stretches of perils. Ravenous beasts, venomous serpents and carnivorous foliage threatened the tribesmen each day and each day became a struggle. Survival from the wilderness was not the only concern; due to sparse lands that contained safe shelter, over-population began to brew territorial conflicts between the tribes. The native people fought to lay claim to the few areas that provided suitable living conditions; the primary water sources were guarded heavily as were any place where it was easy to gather or hunt food. During the many wars that were fought, entire clans were demolished and in the end only the strongest few remained.

From the rubble of broken worlds two men stood with a promise to heal the despair. Their emergence marked the dawn of a new era and from the anarchy they started the first permanent civilization in Ada. Behind a massive wall Onu and his cousin Takanu built their city and they named it Loma, meaning simply "home". For nearly 600 years their city flourished and eventually settlers from Loma began to travel outside of the wall and found new cities. Thus a euphoric serenity began to take hold of the entire continent and for once the people of Ada were flourishing.

Loma became a massive city-state, but it eventually divided itself politically and its people were again forced into a state of unrest. Civil wars broke out in Loma and the great city fell. In this time of chaos and confusion, a sorceress named Solara rose to power and amassed an army large enough to quell the perpetual conflicts of the land. Soon, she became queen despite all oppositions to her tyranny. Solara's minions began to despoil the land looking for powerful artifacts and valuable resources turning what was once a land so abundant with life into wasteland. Ada was no longer teaming with life, but quickly became depleted and infertile. It's name was changed to reflect is callous reaches after its creator Solara. This new nation of Solira left only a small ring of inhabitable forest on its borders. Her followers waylaid village after village seizing the most capable men into slavery, butchering the old and the weak and gathering their corpses into mass graves surrounding the old city of Loma. The women were kept for breeding and the children were brainwashed and forced into Solara's ever-growing horde.

Two hundred years of tyranny passed, yet Solara did not seem to age a day. Her followers began to worship her as a god, while the few settlements that survived her wrath feared her as a demon. Most of the continent had been completely drained of all resources save for a few lingering villages and cities in the forests. A huge earthquake, that most believe was brought by Solara's own magic, cracked the very ground and separated Solira from the mainland. Giant spiked crags jutted from the ground around Loma and a massive pillar of earth elevated the entire city high in the air. As it exists now, the city of Loma is a dilapidated ruin full of Solara's minions and worshipers and it sits atop the giant monolith overlooking an enormous arid desert full of ruined civilizations. Most of the valuable resources that could be scavenged have already been exploited and all that is left is a toxic, sun bleached, wind swept, devouring labyrinth of scalding sand dunes and the ruins of once great cities. Even her followers rarely see Solara herself, and an uneasy and unspoken truce with neighboring kingdoms has been in effect as of late. It is uncommon to see one of Solara's dark warriors venture into the settlements of the outer ring, but when this happens, the inhabitants of those settlements are often violently disturbed and oppressed.

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